Don’t let your mind write the STORY.

Wilhelm Mwengi

Motivational Speaker

Born in Kenya and raised in USA, Wilhelm Mwengi, a young man with great enthusiasm, "is an inspiring presenter with great & enthusiasm" He aims to inspire and engage his audience to be enthusiastic about life. He’s gifted in using simple life examples and insightful ideas to explain life.

Achieve your goals in 4 steps


Visualize Your Goals 


Design a Strategy


Have a Timeline/Deadline


Celebrate Achievement

Wisdom in Motion: Educational Insights Await


The students stayed around for quite a while until I had to kick them out. I think this was, in large part, due to your warmth, humility and positive message. You made them feel accepted and heard. The students said they were very happy they came. I also appreciate you fielding the difficult questions at the end. Ironically, it seems your wise words had already given the answer.” Erin Sweeney – Sr. Career Development Specialist. University of Houston

Erin Sweeney.
Sr. Career Development Specialist. University of Houston

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